While I was away…

I know it has been over a month since I last posted and I could give at least a dozen reasons why…a few of them valid…others just excuses.  My primary reason for taking a break was that my brand new graphics card decided not to play nice with SL and it was becoming frustrating to take high rez shots.  I allowed this, and a few personal health issues, to serve as a reason to take a break from SL, photography and my blog. I enjoyed my Holiday month with my new husband (he took a break from SL with me); while we relaxed and rejuvenated.

While I was away, I thought a lot about the direction of my blog.  I never wanted a “fashion” blog and yet I was starting to blur the lines between focusing on the photography and pressuring myself to do more fashion oriented pieces.  I absolutely adore SL fashion as well as all the fashion feeds and blogs I follow. I just don’t feel I can add anymore than what these other wonderful blogs already contribute to the SL fashion scene.  So, I have decided to come back and focus on my original reason for establishing this blog….to work on photography, ramble on about life (SL & FL) and post about the amazing art, builds and work coming from the incredible pool of talented, hardworking creators in SL.

The pic I am posting today reflects some of the things I am intensely interested in studying further through my photographic journey in SL…dance, movement and line.  It is an old pic that I shot months ago when I first started to seriously learn more about taking and manipulating photographs in SL.  I have studied many forms of dance, from ballet to flamenco, throughout my life and now I want to try to capture more of it through the SL lens.  I’ll let this be the first step on that journey…

I’ll still give credit to the incredibly talented creators whose clothing, accessories, furniture and builds I choose for each shot; after all I can’t be naked in EVERY photograph!

Happy New Year to each of you…may your choices bring you laughter, love and joy.  Life is fleeting…stay captivated!

The Details

Skin:  Glam Affair -Jadis- Natural

Feet:  SLink Ashia Pointe Ballet Pewter (Includes ballet pose used in shot)

Shot on location at Pravda

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