~Cosmic Swing~

I have been fooling around with creating poses and layers for my photos and this piece came together on the fly.  It reminded me of a silly piece of fluff I wrote ages ago…so I put the two together just because I can :p

~Cosmic Swing~

Today I swung above the earth
tilting to and fro
hair floating in
weightless beauty
catching stardust
and cosmic glow

I held tight
to ropes of stars
and rode higher still
through the blue vault of heaven
touching moon beams and astral frill

Such wonders
did I spy
baby stars in
angel dust
cradled lovingly
in the cosmos
generated by solar lux

The moon, the sun
yet unseen
and all
this I did
upon my
cosmic swing

The Details

Avatar:  COCO DESIGNS *DOLL COCO* Body/Snow, Head/Snow_kyoko

Hair:      Boudoir Fairytale Hair (Powder)

Eyes:      Curio Tragic Eyes (Watercolor/Large)

Slippers:  SLink  Ashia Ballet Pointe Pewter

Shot on Location at Inevitability of Fate.  I found my avatar stuck between prims and it looked like I was suspended in space…so I snapped the shot.  It was just a throw away shot…so the quality isn’t that fabulous.  I was just fooling around with the filter I had made and dropped it on this pic…tweaked it in Picmonkey and voila…crappy pic with a layer over it and a crappy poem.  File it under astral ephemera…or cosmic junk 😛

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