Just about everyone knows that my husband and I met in Second Life and we are now married in both worlds.  It was easy for us, but it isn’t so easy for everyone.

It is hard to understand that a world,  advanced in so many ways, is still woefully lacking in tolerance for ALL human beings; regardless of race, gender or partnership.  This big old crazy world can be hard enough to negotiate, and true love is rare…so why do we still insist on forcing others to adhere to bigoted, hateful laws?  Laws that were created by humans to exclude, control and manipulate other humans?  What right do we really have to try to dictate who can love one another and whom they can marry?


This isn’t about laws…it isn’t even really about love…it is about standing up and taking back the power to live our lives, and pursue happiness, as we choose to.  It is about breaking free from the tyranny of control where it doesn’t belong…in our bedrooms and our personal lives.  Stand up for yourself, stand up for your fellow human beings, stand up against those who want to control your life to serve their own selfish ends.  Show them their laws are wrong, show them you will not be excluded, show them you have a voice, a vote and the power to make things change.


Life is fleeting…live, love and stay strong.

❤ ❤

*Thank you Flora Raven for adding the S4L logo to the photograph. ❤ ❤

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