~About Me~

~Sascha's Blue Hunger~
I joined SL in October 2008 and it has been an amazing experience!  What a pleasure to have met people from all over the globe, explore incredible builds and to wear beautiful fashions from truly gifted designers.

It is a blessing to have wonderful friends whom I respect and admire tremendously, and have shown incredible patience with answering my never ending questions…teaching me so very much about their world.  I treasure each and every one for the unique, wonderful person inside and behind the avatar.

I also met my First Life husband in SL…yes it really does happen!  I definitely wasn’t looking and he took me by surprise…but here we are.  He fills my days with so much joy, laughter, tenderness and balance.  I love you Doug.

Finally, I created this blog so I could have a place to gather all the wonderful things I get to experience in the breathtaking world called Second Life.  The fashion, the friends, the places and all the incredible people that inhabit this great big crazy world.

To all those I let go of too soon or lost touch with…please know, I often think fondly of you…with deep gratitude for all your kindness…may your days be filled with love and wonder.<3<3

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